HR Solutions

HR ComponentsOur HR solutions address the needs of organizations across sizes and industry verticals, in the domains of Recruitment, Payroll processing and allied consultancy services. Our team of cross domain Recruitment specialists has helped a number of clients quickly fill up gaps in their organization structure.

Our Payroll solutions can be structured through a web – enabled SaaS (Software-as-a-service) delivery model or a vanilla off-line model, depending on client needs. We also offer HR Consultancy Services in the areas of Leave administration, background verification, Training, psychometric testing and employee Manuals etc.

Our aim is to support the client’s HR leadership in focussing on core HR initiatives & activities.

Recruitment Solutions

We have a Pan-India team of over 20 Recruitment consultants with experience across multiple industry verticals.

We follow a stringent candidate sourcing process where the candidates are screened on various relevant parameters in order to meet the requirements of our clients.

We specialize in developing personalized Staffing Solutions which take into account the work culture, requirements, size and domain in which the client’s operate.

We also offer clients Temporary or Contract Staffing Solution to help manage short-term staffing requirements or outsource compliance obligations.

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Payroll Processing

We offer a comprehensive a payroll management solution to clients which takes into consideration their need for accurate payroll calculation, ensuring compliance deadlines and maintaining data confidentiality.

Key Highlights of our Solutions are –

      • On–line or Off-line payroll solution with pay-per-use pricing
      • Experience of handling payroll requirements across sectors
      • Customized payroll MIS reports
      • Payroll linked statutory returns generated directly from the System
      • Can be integrated into a complete On-line HRIS

Payroll Process

HR Consultancy

We offer wide spectrum of HR Consultancy services including with the assistance of partners who are domain experts.

      • Web-enabled HRIS System
      • Employee Communication
      • Compensation Structuring
      • HR Manual
      • Background Verification
      • Support for Performance Appraisal